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Sede Legale
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+39 0932 954196 Lun - Ven 08:00 - 17:00 Via De Gasperi 78, Pozzallo (RG)
+39 0932 954196 Lun - Ven 08:00 - 17:00 Contrada Fargione Via degli Artigiani Z.I Modica/Pozzallo
+39 0932 1855489 Lun - Ven 08:00 - 17:00 Contrada Fargione Via degli Artigiani Z.I Modica/Pozzallo
ISO 9001:2008
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About Us

history and innovation


Inox Service s.r.l was founded in 1998 by young entrepreneurs with technical skills developed and deepened in the field of ship fittings in stainless steel and production of catering areas such as kitchens, pantries and cold rooms, aiming to diversify their activities and engaging in a goal that will allow them to be competitive in the future of the national market.
Inox Service makes use of cutting-edge equipment and facilities to carry out the various contracts that carefully and professionally examine and acquire.

Certifications and Security

Great attention is paid to its employees to comply with all rules of hygiene and safety in the workplace.
Inox Service is certified with the Quality ISO 9001/2008 for the installation of cold rooms on board passenger ships.
In the naval sector boasts 14 years of installation and assembly for kitchens, pantries, desks distribution, refrigerating manufactures steel for supplies such as shelving, pallets, neutral tables.

Shelving e Pallet

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Cold Rooms and Panels

When making a cold room on board ship, we follow strictly the procedures that over time have become increasingly refined and consolidated to provide our customers with performance, efficiency, and durability mainly using quality materials.

Arredamento navale

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Our Team

Massimo and Gianluca

Project Managers

Contact :
Tel. : +39 0932-954196
Mob.: *39 335-7154555
E-mail: info@inoxservices.it


Technical Design

Contact :
Tel. : numero ufficio (interno)
E-mail: francesco.colombo@inoxservices.it


Technical Design

Contact :
Tel. : +39 0932 1855489
E-mail: gessica.colombo@inoxservices.it


Secretary for Shelvings and Pallets

Contact :
Tel. : +39 0932 954196
E-mail: nadia@inoxservices.it