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Cold Rooms and Panels

Description and technical characteristics

Considerable experience in the specific sector of the construction of cold rooms for cruise ships, allows Inox Service to provide cus- tomer satisfaction and corresponding responses as required by the regulations and international standards (see HACCP) and in par- ticular the U.S. (USPHS)

When making a cold room on board ship, we follow strictly the procedures that over time have become increasingly refined and consolidated to provide our customers with performance, effi- ciency, and durability mainly using quality materials.

Construction details

Inox Service has recently experimented and developed an innova- tive system of modular insulated panels, along with doors and gates, which improve the general characteristics of cold rooms which are made while delivering enhanced functionality, durabil- ity and ergonomics.

Floor Panels

The floor is made by means of the laying of insulated panels with polyurethane foam of high density, is coated on the surface with top and bottom sheet, galvanized steel.
Subsequently after the installation of the panels, will be realized by means of continuous welding process TIG welds will be made water tight between the edges of the panels and in vertical hoof so as to obtain a watertight up to the height of the floor.

Wall Panels

The walls are made by laying in succession of panels insulated with polyurethane foam of high density. The wall panels are clad on the inside with stainless steel AISI 304 (X5CrNi 18-10), while the non-view with galvanized steel sheet.

Ceiling Panels

The ceilings are made using flexible thermally insulated panels coated on the exposed surface with sheet steel AISI304 2B(X5CrNi 18-10), the part not in sight with galvanized steel sheet, the clamping system ceiling is implemented with an omega even denied to the panel, a bracket mm3 galvanized steel from the external part of the panel will be fixed with suitable bolts and in turn fixed with a slotted bracket, welded continuously to the upper deck.